TDS utility in Excel for Assessment Year 2013-14



Download TDS Calculator for Assessment Year 2014-15

The TDS excel utility can be used for the Assessment Year 2013-14.
How to use it:
The rate of TDS, applicable in case of any payment, can be known after selection from following four drop down boxes provided in the utility:
1)      Residential status of payee: Choose whether the person to whom the amount is being paid is a ‘Resident’ or ‘Non-resident’
2)      Payment made to: The status of the payee to be further categorised into ‘Individual’, ‘Domestic Companies’, ‘FIIs’, ‘Offshore funds’, ‘Foreign Companies’, etc.
3)      Nature of payment: The broad categories of payment have been provided to choose from.
4)      Categorisation of payment: After selection of nature of payment, its exact nature can be further categorised through this combo-box.
After selection from above drop down boxes, the utility will provide you following information:
a)      Rate of TDS
b)      Rate of TDS if payee doesn’t furnish his PAN
c)      Deduction to be made under which Section
d)      Exemptions, if any, provided from deduction of tax.
The TDS Excel Utility works best in MS Office 2007 Version.


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